Written By Wedding Photographer in Buckinghamshire

Looking your best on your wedding day
Wedding Hair and make up. Ok so it may sound obvious but your make up on the day is more important than you realize and so many people get it wrong. Don’t forget you still want to look like yourself and if you are someone who does not normally use much makeup the last thing you want to do is pile it on, stick to your everyday look only a little more refined version.

Hiring a professional make up artist like those can make all the difference. The makeup artist will have the skills to create a flattering look that is natural and makes the most of your features. Save time by having the hairdresser and makeup artist come to the place as you are getting ready this will mean you wont be rushing between locations and risking messing things up in the process.

Make sure you always have a trial run with plenty of time before the wedding, this will give you the opportunity to discuss colours and styles and means there will not be any surprises on the day. Make sure the makeup used is waterproof, on such an emotional day running mascara can be a disaster and is easy avoided.

One of the biggest mistakes I see people making is sitting having there hair and makeup done in a t-shirt. Why should that matter? Well you have to take it off and risk messing up your hair and smudging you fresh makeup. Have a button up shirt that comes off easy and wont need to be pulled over your head. If you have to wear a t-shirt or have a dress that pulls over your head cover your hair with a pillowcase or a stocking to avoid spoiling the hairdo or getting makeup on the dress. Get your self plenty of helpers but only people who are going to stay relaxed and organized stress can show if you are rushing round on a hot day.

Plan  every detail of your wedding
The little things count. Make sure everything is Planned in plenty of time. If you are going to wax make sure its done at least 2 or 3 days before so that any redness has gone down. Remove stickers or labels from the bottom of shoes, this can take some time so its best to get it done a day or two before.

For the guys Men, I am afraid you don’t get away with anything.

It is important the groom looks his best just as much as the bride. Don’t be afraid to start a skin care regime a couple of months before the wedding. Wile it may not seem like a mescaline thing to do, who will know and dry skin or spots could stand out in your photographs. Stores like Boots will be able to offer some advice on simple skin care. This will also reduce shaving burn and stop redness.

Haircuts should also be done at least 2 days before the wedding. Fresh cut hair can look very sharp in the photographs and often unnatural. Stick with a style your used to and don’t overdo it with the styling products. And we are not just talking about the hair on your head. Think about your nose hair , eyebrow hair, and it might sound odd but even trimming your armpit hair, shorter armpit hair means less bacteria less body odour

As with the bride don’t forget the simple things make sure you have socks that don’t stand out, polish your shoes and don’t drink lots the night before.

The most important thing for both bride and groom is that you relax. Enjoy the day and don’t get worked up if things don’t go 100% to plan. Think about yourself and don’t worry about other people.
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